n February 2024, the Mauritius Police Force, through La Police du Tourisme, in collaboration with AHRIM, hosted three sensitisation sessions across the island in order to boost safety measures for tourists. Over 100 AHRIM member representatives attended the sessions, joined by public sector officials from various departments including the Head of the Police du Tourisme, Divisional Commanders from different regions, officials from the Criminal Investigation Division, the National Coast Guard, the Crime Prevention Unit, the Tourism Authority, and the Beach Authority.

These sessions addressed crucial topics such as reported cases of theft targeting tourists, prevention strategies, scams by canvassers, and incidents during sea activities and inland excursions. Interactive Q&A sessions allowed attendees to seek clarification and guidance from the public authority stakeholders present and engage into further common actions. Overall, these sessions served as vital platforms for knowledge-sharing and collaboration, emphasising Mauritius’s commitment to visitor safety. Through collective efforts and sharing of best practices, stakeholders work towards ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for tourists.